Rhythm City Productions

The Lab

Wednesdays 7:30-9pm at EDAM, 303 East 8th Ave. Join the Lab facebook group to stay in the loop. 

Cooling off. Photo by Emmanuel Guevarra.

The Lab is the arena for play and exploration in your dancing. Once you've mastered the material in the Intermediate

classes, and you've been social dancing long enough to know that there's more out there to discover, you're ready for The Lab. This is where we experiment with techniques, patterns, and topics that don't fit neatly into any series. This arena is for you to develop and grow! Tell us us what you'd like to explore: we'll help you do it. Join the facebook group for discussion and topic requests.

Upcoming topics:

September 18 – open house jam, explore, BYOT (bring your own topic). Pay what you can to cover rent and instructor time. Hosted by Doug, who will be available to answer questions, facilitate group time use, offer instruction if wanted, provide music to jam to, etc.

September 25 & October 9 –Norma Miller's Trickeration with Lucy and Lindsay. Learn this challenging routine and join other regional dancers in recording a video to contribute to the Global Trickeration Project to Honour Norma Miller.

October 16 – Swingout Clinic with Lisa and Eric
November 6 – Core Fundamentals of Dance with Lucy (this is a workout and an intensive on balance, body awareness, purposeful movement, and rhythm)

Note: periodically the studio is not available. Due to Western Front/EDAM programming, there will be no Labs October 2, 23, or 30.

Other topics on the table for the fall or new year...
  • Choreography development: learn and practice creating your own choreography
  • Solo Jazz - so many topics! The instructors are all abuzz with the freedom to explore and develop classes in Solo Jazz that are not centred around a vintage Jazz routine (Hello, Solo Jazz A, B, and C!). Phrasing, music, jamming, social elements to solo dancing, creativity, finding your voice, Original dancer inspirations, and more.
  • Connection: improving your partner dynamics
  • Spins, Turns, and integrating good technique into your dancing
  • 20s Charleston to 60s Soul: different music; different movement
If these or other topics excite you, comment on The Lab facebook page. We want to know how YOU want to use this weekly arena.

Lab students enjoy a discounted admission of $5 to the regular DJ'ed weekly dance, Rhythm City Strut. For band nights, please purchase tickets here.

Past topics include: Choreography; Frankie's favourite moves; follows' focus; vintage blues and slow dancing; fast dancing; flashy figures; fancy footwork; Poise, Posture, and Pirouettes; Charleston variations; musicality in social dancing and Charleston; out-of-town guest instructors; solo jazz steps and routines (e.g., Tranky Do, the Stew); solo jazz in partner dancing; jams, competitions, and spotlights; role reversals and lead/follow swapping; swivels and styling; connection; moves development; lifts & jumps; swing-out clinics; moves creation; back-to-essentials, closed & close embrace Lindy hop (fast, not slow), Caribbean shim sham... and more!