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Switch classes – lead/follow role workshopping

Brand new set of classes geared towards established dancers who want to: a) learn the role other than they started with, b) work on their secondary role, c) learn how to navigate the various defaults of each role, d) learn techniques and specific moves for swapping roles mid-dance, e) all of the above and more.

Switch dancing is a term in partner dance culture that describes the ability or inclination to switch lead/follow roles in a dance or from one dance to the next. It is increasingly the norm for experienced social dancers to enjoy dancing both roles at a high level. It's about more than just learning the basic steps starting with the other foot! The defaults of one role are not necessarily those of the other role, and it can take time to learn how to adapt not just your steps and hand positioning, but also the way you shift your weight and initiate movement.

Learning the opposite role also has tremendous benefits for your first dance role and for your social dance skills in general. Plus, it gives you way more people to dance with and richer, more deeply connected dances.

The Switch series is five weeks of 1 hour classes. Material and concepts include include exploring these higher level connection concepts and how your defaults shift depending on your role, as well as workshopping role-switching (like how to switch the role you're in and how to interpret and receive this). Instructors: K'odi and Lisa.

  • $95 online / $100 at the door (for full 5 week series)
  • $50 limited subsidized access available for low incomes
  • All prices include GST
  • Please be considerate of others’ decision to mask or not, and be prepared to put on a mask as a courtesy to your dance partner if they request it.

Switch Classes


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The Swing dancers are coming to get you. Photo by Chris Loh.