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Reunite with Swing

Update Monday August 2:

Reunite with Swing online classes will be on pause for the month of August, while outside activities beckon. Stay tuned for news of both online and in-person classes and events at the end of summer. Be safe.

Donations for online classes have permitted us to move $100 to the Black Lindy Hoppers Fund. Thanks to all who contributed!

Reunite with Swing! A space where we unite once more with Swing music and dance, and, of course, with each other.

Big Apple! Photo by Chris Loh.

The goal is to help you remember what you knew not so long ago, and to prepare you to return to partner dancing, whenever the right time is for you. Each session will include review of a handful of basic steps, some simple choreography and jamming with those steps, and connecting with the music that makes us move. We will be eagerly accepting requests for content: Want a specific step? Practice at dancing faster or slower? Rhythm exercises? Improvisation? Something else? Inspire us to inspire you!

Monday sessions will be at a gentle, easy pace, with basic steps and simple combinations. Wednesdays will be a little more intense in terms of the energy you’ll be invited to put in and complexity of content, with minimal explanation and lots of dancing. Both will involve dancing solo (but with both solo and partnered steps) and listening to and connecting with the music. You can of course join for both sessions!

Reunite with Swing: Easy Does It

Mondays 7-8:15pm.

Reunite with Swing: Gangbusters

Wednesdays 7-8:15pm.

Join the facebook event for updates. Participation by donation. Send payment by e-transfer to [email protected] or via PayPal

A portion of all proceeds will be moved to the Black Lindy Hoppers Fund. We are deeply indebted to their work and the work of Black dancers around the world who have been educating dancers, teachers, and organizers on the history, culture, and racial contexts of the Jazz dances we participate in. Jazz music and Jazz dances are cultural products of Black experience. This includes and incorporates Black experiences of today, yesterday, and generations ago. As practitioners of and students of Jazz dances (including the Swing Jazz dances of Lindy hop, Vernacular Solo Jazz) we must recognize and explicitly speak of Black experience: from the past through to today.