Rhythm City Productions


March 13, 2020

In response to changes in the provincial health recommendations for BC, we will be cancelling classes and our weekly dance for the time being. News and updates regarding COVID-19 develop rapidly and yesterday the government of BC directed event organizers to cancel events of 250 people or more. While our classes and dances are well below that number, we feel it is consistent with their recommendation to practice social distancing for us to temporarily cease our events. 

What this means for you if you are currently registered: 

We will honour your registration for upcoming class series, whenever it works for you to attend. Class schedules are likely to change, as our start and end times will shift with this closure. Stay tuned via our website, social media, and newsletters, and you can change your registration to another series if you need to.

If you are currently enrolled in a class series that is not complete, we will keep you updated on how we will proceed: 

  • If we re-open within the next couple of weeks, we will proceed from the interruption to complete each lesson series. 
  • If the closure is for longer than two or three weeks, we will either proceed from the interruption with an extra class for review or we will restart the series. 

In any case, we will keep you updated as this period progresses. Be patient as we respond to queries. Everything is changing very quickly. 

We will also be creating some online content in the form of history and discussion posts, videos, and, possibly, online video-supported lessons. If you have suggestions or requests in this regard, please share them via email to [email protected] or via our facebook page, www.facebook.com/RCPdance

We are all feeling uncertain and maybe scared, as we observe events around the world and respond to our own needs at home. At this time, it may require extra effort to care for ourselves and those around us. Isolation can lead to alienation. Seek out connections over the phone and/or by video chat, if you can. Real time connections with real people. Listen to music. Dance, alone or with friends, at home, in a park, on the sidewalk. Be gentle with yourself and those around you. We are all learning how to move in this new space. 

See you online in the coming days, and someday soon, we will see you on the dance floor.

Lucy Falkner

Rhythm City Productions