Rhythm City Productions

RCMA 2022 Workshops


Q. Are there different levels? Which classes can I take?

A. Yes. All of them. (Except on Saturday and Sunday from 4-5pm, when you have to choose.)

The Lindy hop and Solo classes taught by Rhythm City instructors will be aimed at dancers with a range of experience, from Swing 3 and 4 level students to dancers with many years of experience in classes and on the social floor. The vision for incorporating muliple levels in the workshops is to:

  • encourage broader community mingling and promote peer co-development
  • to challenge all dancers in different ways, depending on their skills and experience
  • and to encourage more self-initiative among participants: each dancer must be responsible for their own learning experience and put into it whatever commitment and energy matches their priorities.

After most classes there will be practice sessions: a time when all participants are invited to work together in large or small groups (or on their own) to further explore the subject matter of the previous class or material from other classes. We seldom (if ever) get everything taught while actually in class; it takes time, effort, and, often, other perspectives and input to process and develop the lessons. The practice times are to give space for this with our peers, and to encourage such initiative beyond just this weekend event.

The classes taught by the guest instructors – dancers and teachers of other genres of dance – will be taught at a beginner level in their field. These are introductions to these dances and methods of movement, technique, and musical responsiveness. We are excited to share these dances and to benefit from the expertise of the instructors, to develop a broader understanding and appreciation for our own dances, and to embark on a new interest, whether great or small, in other styles and areas of dance.

Class topics and descriptions will be updated over the coming weeks. See below for a partial list.


CATCH MY RIFF with Doug (Saturday 4-5pm)
Let’s go deeper into the music. Explore how to hook into and express the juicy (and sometimes subtle) rhythmical ideas that emerge and repeat throughout our favourite songs. This class focuses on solo movement but the principles are as relevant to adding layers to your partner dancing as well.

EMBODYING JAZZ DANCE with Lisa and Claudia (Saturday 12:30-1:30)
It took Lisa and Claudia a long time to learn what it meant to be a jazz dancer, and to be honest they are still learning, distilling, and practicing what it could mean. Join them as they share with you how they have learned to embody jazz as partner dancers, solo dancers and human beings. In this class we will practice listening to music, following our impulses, and learning to connect with the music, other dancers and ourselves. Bring water and wear comfortable clothes that you can move in. No solo dance experiences required, just an open mind.
HOW CAN I BE A BETTER PARTNER (DANCER)? with Eric and Edina (Saturday 4-5pm)
Connection, momentum, partner dynamics: learn or re-learn how to be responsive and in tune with your partner on the dance floor, whether you're leading or following.
HOW DO I DO THAT AGAIN...? with Eileen and Doug (Sunday 4-5pm)
Lindy hop moves you may have forgotten over the last two+ years of no partner dancing. This class will be a grab bag of those moves, as well as a by-request moves clearing house.
LINDY HOP (topic TBD) with Lucy & Eric (Monday 12:30-1:30)
LINDY HOP (topic TBD) with Lucy & Lindsay (Monday 2:30-3:30)
SOLO JAZZ & MOVEMENT (topic TBD) with Lucy (Sunday 4-5pm)


UNTAPPED with Jen Bishop (Saturday 11-12 and Sunday 2:30-3:30)

If the shoe fits: TAP DANCE IN IT
No Tap shoes - just hard/leather soled dance shoes
You need not have taps on your shoes to enjoy the percussive joy experienced by Tap Dancing.  In this class we’ll cover some of the basic foundation steps of Tap Dance in a supportive, fun environment.  By the end of class, you’ll have a short combo you can share to impress all at your next family/friend function.
This class is designed to introduce people to the basics of tap dance.  No previous experience required.  If you’re a lindy-hopper you’re already at an advantage with weight transfer and the relaxed feel you need to tap dance with ease.

GROOVING with Eric Malapad (Saturday 2:30-3:30 and Monday 11-12)
Grooving is a non-intimidating, beat-driven class. ”It’s there to give people the underlying funk,” says Malapad, “the underlying personality behind all the moves and steps you see when they do hip-hop, when they do freestyle or choreography.”

More guest instructors and topics TBA...