Rhythm City Productions

RCMA 2018 t-shirt design by Elaine Chen

Rhythm City Mess Around has, for many years, been the end-of-summer dance event destination for Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest.

With a mandate to celebrate and learn about Black American Vernacular Jazz dances and to explore cultural dynamics associated with those dances and the communities who dance them now and danced them long ago, RCMA has always been more than workshops and social dances. It's about community and the people who attend and those (so many!) who make it happen. It's about inviting instructors and guests who honour and embody the history and cultures of these dances and generously share their passions with their students and dance partners with humility and social conscience. It's about all the Jazz feels to the music of the incredible Jazz musicians of the greater Vancouver area.

Pomona & George at RCMA 2017 Cabaret. Photo by Emmanuel Guevara.

And of course, it's about the fabulous RCMA Cabaret, featuring your dance friends performing silly, heartfelt, amazing, goofy, and adorable acts before the Sunday dance.

So now that we're back to dancing – together! inside! – and even though it's super late notice (ack! one month!), we're throwing together a hometown RCMA for our community. We're carving out a little time and space to remember what we love about these dances and learn (or re-learn) dance styles, steps, concepts, movements, patterns, choreography, skills, and more together and then get out on the dance floor and shake it out together.

Doug & Edina RCMA 2019 Solo Jazz comp. Photo by Emmanuel Guevara

We have local instructors (RCP favourites plus guest instructors of other dance styles!) and Jazz musicians, DJs, and yes, the RCMA Cabaret.

Plus: Beginner Swing Weekend! Tell your friends. The weekend format is amazing for getting immersed and solidly dancing right away.

We are still working out the details, but check out the navigation elsewhere on this page for instructors, schedules, and class topics. We will continue to update these over the next couple of weeks. Check back, like our facebook page, and join our mailing list to stay in the loop.

See you on the dance floor: September 3 to 5, 2022 at the Russian Hall!

Lucy Falkner

owner, director, Rhythm City Productions