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The first Rhythm City Mess Around was in 2009, but its conception was much earlier...

In 2003, I produced my first workshop weekend with out of town instructors. Zackarias Larsson and Frida Segerdahl came to Vancouver and brought with them a combination of dynamism, rhythm, Lindy hop, Solo Jazz, pedagogy, and energy that Vancouver had never seen before.

Since then, I have produced countless workshop and dancing events, generally one or two a year, always with a few essential elements:

  • An adherence to authenticity in the dance, its history, and its roots
  • Fun and challenging workshops with a variety of instructors from around the world
  • A community of dancers who participate in multiple aspects of the event
  • Great Swing music, from incredible live bands to awesome DJs
  • A certain kind of heart, lack of pretension, and inclusivity that is inspired by Frankie and the dancers and instructors that have made the biggest impression on me over the years. It ain’t what you do; it’s the way that you do it – that applies to more than dancing!

This year’s event is much like all the previous ones, with a priority on creating a space to inspire, challenge, and ignite local and regional dancers. My mandate is always to foster a dance scene that values the old-timers and the history of the dances we love, and one that is a community of dancers who work, play, and dance together.

This year there will be a greater focus on solo movement and rhythm, with instructors who are exceptional at both Lindy hop and solo dance, including Chorus Lines, Tap, Hip Hop, and African Dance. I'm excited to learn and dance with you!

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Lucy Falkner
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