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RCMA Schedules & Levels

And plan to come early and stay late: we have special evening workshops with some of the instructors Tuesday through Thursday before RCMA, as well Tuesday after RCMA!


RCMA Workshop Levels

Intermediate Track

For Swing dancers with some months or a year of experience in lessons and social dancing. Participants in this track are

  • familiar with mixing 6 and 8 count patterns in their social dancing
  • comfortable with transitions and linking moves at mid to high tempos (~120-180bpm)
  • comfortable with mixing Charleston patterns in their Lindy hop

For RCP students, this track is suitable for students in the Lindy Hop Essentials program (Swing 3 & 4) and most Intermediate students.

Intermediate-Advanced Track (note that this is a new track at RCMA. Many students in the Advanced track from last year may be well-served in this track this year. Please read all level descriptions carefully.)

For avid Swing dancers of at least a year. Participants in this track are

  • social dancers who are interested in learning more than just moves: technique, solo jazz, variations, foundations, musicality, and more.
  • familiar with group solo Jazz routines such as the Shim Sham and probably the Tranky Doo and Big Apple, as well as mixing solo Jazz dancing into their partner dancing.

For RCP students, this track is suitable for regular participants in the Lab or Intermediate students who have attended all or most of the Intermediate series (A through D).

Advanced Track

For experienced Swing and Solo Jazz dancers who are keen social dancers. Participants in this track are

  • Lindy hoppers with years of experience
  • Possibly teachers in their local scene
  • Experienced in travelling to weekend workshop/dance/competition events
  • Adept at styling and rhythm variations
  • Comfortable with various tempos and partners in their social dancing
  • Capable of adapting to different skill and style levels in their partners on the social floor
  • Comfortable with all the group Jazz dances known by Lindy hoppers around the world (Shim Sham, Tranky Doo, Big Apple)

NOTE: There is no official audition this year. Instead, the first classes will be scrutinized for dancers who would benefit from being in a different level. Do not consider your registration level choice as a sure thing.

All-Star Track (invitation, reference, or audition video required)

For extremely experienced and adept Vernacular Jazz Dancers. Participants in this track are

  • Teachers in their local scene and likely invited to teach in other scenes, as well
  • Keen competitors who regularly make finals at a high level
  • Interested in working on their dancing, body movement, and teaching

If you have not received an invitation or referral for the All-Star track, and think you may be eligible, please send an email to [email protected]. Include in the email the name and contact of a referring international-level instructor (someone teaching and travelling who can vouch for you) and a link to a video that will support your application.

This track is created with the highest level of Swing dancers in mind: dancers of many years who want high level dance classes to challenge and inspire them; teachers who think about their classes and want to improve their teaching skills; passionate social dancers who miss getting a kick in the pants in classes. This track is for you!
Tip when looking through the level descriptions and wondering where to place yourself: if you have any doubts about a higher level, you’re probably not in it. But if you still have questions, you may send a question or request for level placement to [email protected]

Beginner Track: note that there is no Beginner track at RCMA this year. Instead there will be a Beginner Weekend before the event, August 25 and 26. Stay tuned for info and registration.