Rhythm City Productions

RCMA 2024 Instructors

Peter Strom & Naomi Uyama - Minneapolis - Lindy hop

Peter Strom and Naomi Uyama are one of the top international teaching couples in today’s Lindy Hop scene. After starting in the late 90’s they have decades of experience winning titles at swing dance championships and have taught across the globe to thousands of students. They love teaching and traveling together and consider it a true privilege to spend their time sharing Lindy Hop with the world. We're so excited to be welcoming them to RCMA for the first time since 2011!

Rina Pellerin - Vancouver - Waacking / Grooving

photo credit Philip Jarmain

Rina’s versatility and artistry has allowed her to perform, judge, and compete across North America and Asia. She has received several scholarships and awards throughout her training, granting her the opportunity to study under pioneers of street dance and its founders. She is the winner of VSDF 2012/2014/2015, Last One Stands 2014, HotMess 2023 and judged prominent street dance events such as Massive Monkees Day and Twice as Nice. Highlighted choreography credits include Dance Allsorts, Guelph Dance Festival, Dancing on the Edge, Cypher Fest, Bumbershoot, Shambhala Music Festival, Dance in Vancouver, Seattle International Dance Festival, and Block Party. We're thrilled she is joining us again this year!

Kofi Artiabah - Ottawa - Lindy hop

photo credit Bruno Avard

For Kofi, the world is just one big dance floor. He can be seen dancing up a storm wherever and whenever the music moves him - that's pretty much everywhere and all the time! He has been dancing all his life and ever since discovering partner jazz dancing, (thanks to Frankie Manning and Norma Miller’s interview on the Ken Burns PBS series “Jazz”)  he's been hooked and has been lindy hopping his life away.

He travels the world learning, social dancing, competing, judging, teaching and sharing the joy of jazz dance.  His "Taking it back to the streets" project has seen him dancing Norma's Trickeration, 100 days around the world to mark Norma Miller's 100th birthday; performing random acts of dance on the streets of three continents; and most recently completing 110 consecutive days of doing 110 swingouts with  dancers from around the world to mark Frankie Manning’s 110th birthday. #swingoutforFrankie110. We're so excited to have him teaching for the first time at RCMA.

Damian Cade - Bellingham, Wa - Lindy hop & Solo Jazz

photo credit Danny Ngan

Damian grew up in a household infused with jazz and is descended from jazz musicians. He has spent his adult life in the Swing and Tap dance communities- researching, listening, performing, teaching, and celebrating. He presents Jazz dance in its historical and cultural context, and connects it back to its African American roots. He competes regionally and abroad, and his awards include ‘Favorite Competitor’ from the Lindy Hop Championships in Western Canada.

Doug Barber - Vancouver - Solo Jazz

Doug grew up listening to his father play ragtime piano but only started dancing in his 40’s when he took his first Lindy hop class with Eric Shaw. Since then he’s become an avid social dancer who’s as interested in Solo Jazz improvising as he is in partner dancing. Doug continues to practice his basics while exploring more creative frontiers but still hasn’t learned not to watch inspiring dance videos right before bed.

Eileen Jones - North Vancouver - Lindy hop

RCP instructor Eileen Jones gazing afar. Photo by Chris Loh.

Following a childhood filled with modern dance, jazz, and ballet, Eileen discovered the joy of Lindy hop in September 2001, and hasn't stopped swivelling since. She is an avid instructor, event organizer, performer, competitor, judge, and, above all, social dancer. Eileen is happiest when dancing to live music, and aspires to speak jazz music with her body. When teaching, she works to help her students find their own rhythm and creative voice.

Claudia Nobauer - Vancouver - Lindy hop & Yoga/morning warm ups

Claudia has been dancing for the better half of her life. Over the past 18 years Claudia has had the immense pleasure and opportunity to learn from Frankie Manning, Dawn Hampton, Chester Whitmore, Anaïs Sekiné, Frida Segerdhal, Joseph Wiggan, and countless other incredible dancers. She has gone to Guinea twice to study with Les Ballet Africans, and to Sweden three times to learn from many acclaimed international instructors. Claudia’s classes are a mix of rhythm, sweat, and play. Her aim is to help you feel free and safe in your body so that you can express yourself more honestly on the dance floor and in life. Like Dawn Hampton said, “You go to class and you learn the steps, then you get out on the dance floor and throw all that shit out the window and dance.”

photo credit Pomona Lake

Lucy Falkner - Gibsons - Lindy hop

Lucy discovered Lindy hop in 1999, and has since travelled extensively to dance, train, and teach. She has taken up numerous other dances, all more or less in service to her first love: Lindy hop. The rhythmic and cultural roots of Vernacular Jazz dances of the Swing Era are a priority for Lucy in her teaching, dancing, and research. Her teaching approach is to encourage dancers to get a feel for the music, to move in a way that is comfortable and authentic to each person, and to keep it simple.

Bonnie Northgraves & Co - Understanding Jazz Music

Bonnie is a trumpet player, vocalist and pianist based in Vancouver BC. Drawn to vintage jazz at an early age she performs music from the 20's, 30's and 40's as well as composes her own original music in the vintage style. Her singing is smokey and rich and her trumpet playing is a call to the early jazz styles of New Orleans. Bonnie has released two albums "Between Then and Now" (2019), and "Welcome to Trashland" (2021) and one EP "Bonnie Northgraves and the Brown Sugar Bears"(2020).

She is a favourite among local Swing dancers, and we thought she'd be a perfect fit for helping us hear and understand the music that moves us. We also welcome Bonnie as bandleader for the weekend!