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Lindy Hop Essentials

Lindy Hop Essentials

Once you’ve completed the material from Intro to Swing to your satisfaction, you’re ready for Lindy Hop Essentials. This means you’re ready to get a whole lot more dancing in your Swing! At this point, you’ve learned most of the most commonly known basic Lindy hop steps and patterns, and it’s time to get them feeling more awesome (for you and your partner) at a wider range of tempos and with more variations.

Lindy Hop Essentials students enjoy a discounted admission of $5 to the regular DJ'ed weekly dance, Rhythm City Strut. For band nights, please purchase tickets here.

Rotation policy: We ask all students to rotate partners. See our FAQ page for information on the benefits of mixing in partner dance classes.

Each series is 6 weeks of 1 hr classes.


  • $78.75 / $84 at the door
  • $135 for two people or Swing 1 & 2 for one person / $150 at the door
  • $40 in advance to repeat the series / $42 at the door
  • All prices include GST

Swing 3: Beyond the Basics

Connect the moves you learned in Swing 1 and 2 in a more swingin’ and flowing way and add on with some more complex moves, variations, and solo dancing. Lindy hop, as a partnered dance, often incorporates “breaking away” from your partner for open solo play and dancing. Learn and practice how to make this a comfortable and rhythmical part of your partner connection.

Swing 4: Lindy Hop Fundamentals

We mix and match all the prior Swing series material, add a few more, and increase your comfort with a wider range of tempos. We also add some variations on moves you already know and love, the further enrich your social dancing vocabulary and your understanding of the partnership.


Thursday, May 23 - Thursday, Jun 27
6:30pm - 7:30pm
Swing 4 - Lindy Hop Fundamentals
Ukrainian Hall Mezzanine, Vancouver BC
Thursday, May 23 - Thursday, Jun 27
8:00pm - 9:00pm
Swing 3 - Beyond the Basics
Ukrainian Hall Mezzanine, Vancouver BC

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Happy Swing dancers! Photo by Chris Loh.