Rhythm City Productions

Intermediate Lindy Hop

Rhythm City Swing dance classes resume May 2022! Read our welcome message and health and safety class policy, then check the schedule and register below. 

Intermediate students enjoy a discounted admission of $5 to the regular DJ'ed weekly dance, Rhythm City Strut.

Intermediate Lindy Hop

Lindy hop for experienced Swing dancers - These are the classes where we remember how to dance! It's been over two years for most of us, so all the moves, partner technique, and patterns will be reviewed. And, more importantly, we’ll dive deep into partner and musical responsiveness: how we listen and what we listen to, from the rhythm of the music to the style and expressiveness of our partner. 

Join us at EDAM Studio for Intermediate Lindy Hop.

All classes are Tuesdays, 6:30-7:30pm. 4 weeks of one-hour classes.

  • $63 / $65 at the door
  • $35 limited subsidized access available for low incomes
  • All prices include GST

Upcoming lesson series: 

Note: you may choose to remain with one or two partners or rotate throughout the class. Please indicate your preference on your registration, and you may change your mind as your needs and comforts shift.

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