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Solo Jazz & Movement

Solo Jazz classes are for everyone. Beginner dancers should start with the Solo Jazz 1 classes before proceeding to the Solo Jazz 2 classes. 
  • $90 / $95 at the door
  • $50 limited subsidized access available for low incomes
  • All prices include GST
  • Mask-wearing is encouraged, though not required, so please be considerate of others’ decision to mask or not, and be prepared to put on a mask as a courtesy to your dance partner if they request it.
  • Solo Jazz & Movement students enjoy a discounted admission of $5 to the regular DJ'ed weekly dance, Rhythm City Strut.
  • Solo Jazz 1 classes are on Mondays, 6:15-7:15pm, at EDAM Studio, 303 east 8th Ave.
  • Solo Jazz 2 classes are on Wednesdays, 8:15-9:15pm at iDance Studio, 257 east 7th Ave.

Solo Jazz 1: Intro to Solo Jazz movement and basic steps

Never taken a solo dance class before? This is for you. Get comfortable moving to music on your own, improve your coordination and your capacity for learning combinations. In the Solo Jazz 1 classes you will learn commonly known Vintage Jazz basic steps and simple combinations (as we put a few Jazz steps together). We will cover original Swing era routines loved and danced all over the world, and we'll explore how you can add basic Jazz steps to your partner dancing. Solo Jazz 1 is on Mondays at EDAM studio, 303 East 8th Avenue, 6:15-7:15pm. Upcoming Solo Jazz 1 classes: The Solo Jazz 1 program is a group of 3 five-week series that can be taken in any order (even Basic Jazz Steps A and B: these series have different content but A does not have to be done first).

Solo Jazz 2: Intermediate/Advanced Solo Jazz Dance

Now that you know the basic steps, have developed some skills at learning and executing choreography, and have incorporated some Solo Jazz into your partner dancing, you're ready for more complex dance concepts and content. In these classes, we'll explore musical responsiveness, rhythm and style variations, challenging choreographies, and more. We'll dive into connecting with different styles of music, adjacent to Swing, such as earlier forms of Jazz, Soul, and Rhythm & Blues, and how those styles invite different kinds of movement.

Solo Jazz 2 is on Wednesdays at iDance Studio at 257 East 7th Ave, 8:15-9:15pm

Upcoming Solo Jazz 2 classes: 

Solo Jazz 2 class topics are driven by student interest and request. Check the links to each registration page for info on that session's focus. The May/June series will be the last series before classes resume in September.


Solo Jazz 1: The Shim Sham

Solo Jazz 1: The Shim Sham

Monday, May 8 - Monday, Jun 5    
6:15pm - 7:15pm
Learn the Shim Sham: a vintage Jazz dance performed by Swing dancers around the world. Beginner Solo Jazz dance fundamentals will be taught.
Solo Jazz & Movement

Solo Jazz & Movement

Wednesday, May 24 - Wednesday, Jun 21    
8:15pm - 9:15pm
Solo Jazz & Movement: body conscious movement; musical awareness and connection; basic Solo Jazz steps; and choreographies. Solo Jazz Essentials: this series will focus on [...]
Solo Jazz 1: Jazz Basics 1

Solo Jazz 1: Jazz Basics 1

Monday, Jun 12 - Monday, Jul 17    
6:15pm - 7:15pm
$50.00 - $90.00
Learn basic Solo Jazz steps, along with fundamentals of movement: balance, rhythm, spinning, and how to get the groove in your body and express it in connection with the music.

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