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Swing 3 – Swing out

Swing 3 - Swing out


Monday, May 1 - Monday, Jun 5    
7:45pm - 8:45pm


$40.00 - $75.00
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iDance Studio
257 East 7th Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia, V5T 0B4

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Please note: There will be no class on May 22.

Pre-requisite: Swing 2 or equivalent.

Once you’ve completed the material from Intro to Swing to your satisfaction, you’re ready for Lindy Hop Essentials. This means you’re ready to get a whole lot more dancing in your Swing! At this point, you’ve learned most of the most commonly known basic Lindy hop steps and patterns, and it’s time to get them feeling more awesome (for you and your partner) at a wider range of tempos and with more variations.

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Swing 3 May 2023 Follow
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Swing 3 May 2023 Lead (limited subsidized access)

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