Rhythm City Productions

Swing 3 – Beyond the Basics

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Date(s) - Thursday, Feb 20 - Thursday, Mar 26
8:00pm - 9:00pm

Ukrainian Hall Mezzanine


Connect the moves you learned in Swing 1 and 2 in a more swingin’ and flowing way and add on with some more complex moves, variations, and solo dancing. Lindy hop, as a partnered dance, often incorporates “breaking away” from your partner for open solo play and dancing. Learn and practice how to make this a comfortable and rhythmical part of your partner connection..

Students are asked to rotate partners in this class. For information about the reasoning behind rotating partners in class, please see our Dance Lessons 101 blurb.


  • If you are registering two people, please enter the coupon code: 2people15.
  • If you are registering for Swing 3 & Swing 4, you will need to submit separate registrations, using the coupon code: 2classes15 for each registration.
  • Repeat: 2ndtime


Ticket TypePriceSpaces
Swing 3 Feb 20 - Follow
Swing 3 Feb 20 - Lead

I understand that I will be required to rotate partners in this class.