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Swing 2 – Swinging Out

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Date(s) - Thursday, May 21 - Thursday, Jun 25
6:30pm - 7:30pm

St. Michael's Hall


Please note that there will be no class on April 16. Go to Lindy Bout!

We review the material from Swing 1, introduce the 6-count basic and Charleston: a predecessor to Lindy hop, the Charleston survives as a versatile figure that has many variations. We’ll practice the step, as well as mix it in with the patterns you’ve already learned, and spend lots of time practicing both the 8-count and 6-count basic steps (both widely and indiscriminately used by Lindy hoppers in their social dancing). We add patterns that give you a greater vocabulary of moves for your social dancing, as well as a deeper understanding of how the partnership works.

Students are asked to rotate partners in this class. For information about the reasoning behind rotating partners in class, please see our Dance Lessons 101 blurb.


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Swing 2 May 21 - Follow
Swing 2 May 21 - Lead

I understand that I will be required to rotate partners in this class.