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Solo Jazz 1: The Shim Sham

Solo Jazz 1: The Shim Sham


Monday, Jan 9 - Monday, Feb 6    
6:15pm - 7:15pm


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EDAM Studio
303 East 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC

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Learn the Shim Sham: a vintage Jazz dance performed by Swing dancers around the world.

We start from the assumption that many (most?) people who start Swing dancing these days don’t have a background in dance. This series provides the most comprehensive and beginner-friendly foundation for solo movement: balance, weight transfer, rhythm, turns, spins, and general body awareness, as well as what to do with your arms when you’re dancing! We also focus on the most commonly known and easiest to learn Vintage Jazz routine: The Shim Sham.

6:15-7:15pm at EDAM Studio, 303 east 8th ave

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