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Labs: for Swing dancers who want more than moves…

Labs: for Swing dancers who want more than moves...


Saturday, Jul 6    
11:00am - 4:30pm


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EDAM Studio
303 East 8th Ave, Vancouver, BC

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These Labs are for all levels of Lindy hoppers above Intro to Swing. You understand that it ain’t the move; it’s the motion. Good dancing is not about moves but about getting the most out of the movement.

Saturday, July 6

11-12:30 – Jazz dance fundamentals with Lucy – core dance fundamentals are often overlooked in Swing dance classes and communities. You can get by without them, but they make such a difference once you bring in some basic balance, turning, floor connection, and core connection. Come for a true dance class workout. Shoes that will allow you to pivot and comfortable clothes you can move freely in are recommended.

1-2:30 – Jam culture with Doug – Jam Circles: How to Practice Seeing and Being Seen. Swing dance jams are an essential aspect of Lindy hop culture and its roots. Join Doug for a workshop in how jams work, what to do when you’re in one, and how we can bring them into our scene more!

This lab is specifically for you if:
you feel excited at the idea of participating in a jam circle
you feel nervous at the idea of participating in a jam circle

3-4:30 –Fresh Rhythms: How to Dress Up Your Basics for a Night on the Town with Doug & Lindsay

Often dances that appear “fancy” are actually simple shapes you already know that are expressed with rhythms directly inspired by the song you’re dancing to. In this Lab we’ll explore how to identify and play with rhythms in popular swing music that may be hidden in deeper layers underneath the melody. 

Labs are $16 online or $20 drop-in, or purchase a Lab card online or at a Lab: $80 for 5 drop-ins anytime. All Labs are at EDAM studio, 303 East 8th Avenue.


Bookings are closed for this event.