Rhythm City Productions

Intermediate Track Booster


Tuesday, Aug 30    
7:00pm - 10:00pm


Bookings closed


St. Michael's Hall
2474 Prince Edward St., Vancouver, BC

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This evening of focused class time and private coaching is for current and recent Swing 3 and 4 students to acquire the skills, material, and confidence to qualify for the RCMA Intermediate Track. Intermediate students may also find it useful for improving and reinforcing their dance skills and confidence.

This booster course will be three hours long, and includes instruction on material to get students up to the level required as well as an hour of private focussed feedback for all!

The cost of the 3-hour booster is $20. This payment can be put towards your RCMA Intermediate Track registration. So if you are attending RCMA, the booster is free!

A note on RCMA’s Intermediate Track:

The Intermediate Track is for Swing dancers with some months or years of experience in lessons and social dancing. Participants in this track are:
  • Familiar with mixing 6 and 8 count patterns in their social dancing
  • Comfortable with transitions and linking moves at various tempos
  • Comfortable with mixing Charleston patterns in their Lindy hop
  • Social dancers who are familiar with basic moves in Lindy hop and are interested in learning more than just moves: technique, solo jazz, variations, foundations, and more

For RCP students, this track is suitable for anyone in Intermediate and most students of The Lab. Swing 3 & 4 students who take the RCMA Beginner Track Booster described above will be eligible for this track.


Bookings are closed for this event.