Rhythm City Productions

Intermediate Lindy Hop D


Wednesday, Jan 25 - Wednesday, Mar 8    
8:30pm - 9:30pm


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Ukrainian Hall Mezzanine
154 E 10th Ave., Vancouver, BC

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**This series of Intermediate D has been extended to March 8 since there was no class on February 8. Intermediate A will begin on March 15.

You’ve mastered Intro to Swing and honed your skills in Lindy Hop Essentials but you need more Lindy hop in your life! Intermediate classes expand on the fundamentals of the beginner lessons, getting into more complex techniques of partner and rhythm skills, and cover diverse patterns and figures. Each of the these Intermediate series (A, B, C & D) covers different material to give you the technique, steps, moves, and confidence you need to step boldly onto the social dance floor with any partner. You may take them in any order.

Intermediate D: A new series that will take you on a whirlwind dance history tour!

We’ll start with Lindy hop’s celebrated ancestor, the Charleston: the energetic, upright, bouncy, iconic dance from the 1920s. This will take us through the Break-away, the missing link between Charleston and Lindy hop, and into the Swing dance we know and love. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of Lindy hop, as well as greater versatility on the social dance floor, for when those peppy and older-sounding tunes are played.


This event is fully booked.