Rhythm City Productions

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Rhythm City Productions is the premier school of Vintage Jazz Dance in the Lower Mainland. We teach various swing dances from the Jazz Era of the 20s, 30s, and 40s.

Swing is a broad term that applies to a category of both Jazz music and Jazz dance.  There are many styles of swing dance, including Lindy Hop (the first partnered swing dance, from the 1930s and ‘40s), Jitterbug, Jive, Balboa, and more.

The Swing 1, 2, 3 program is a great place to start! It’s three 4-week series that introduce all the basic steps, along with the fundamental partner dance skills you need to get out on the dance floor! Read more and see our calendar of upcoming classes.

“There are shortcuts to happiness,
and dancing is one of them.”

Note for voucher holders: if your voucher expiry date is before you have a chance to attend a series, due to the series being full or otherwise unfeasible for you, we will honour vouchers as long as you register before they expire. Your class start date may be after the date of expiry.

Send an email if you have any concerns or questions.