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Intermediate Lindy Hop

Intermediate Lindy hop

You've mastered Intro to Swing and honed your skills in Lindy Hop Essentials but you need more Lindy hop in your life! Intermediate classes expand on the fundamentals of the beginner lessons, getting into more complex techniques of partner and rhythm skills, and cover diverse patterns and figures. Each of the three Intermediate series (A, B, & C) covers different material to give you the technique, steps, moves, and confidence you need to step boldly onto the social dance floor with any partner. You may take them in any order.

Intermediate students enjoy a discounted admission of $5 to the regular DJ'ed weekly dance, Rhythm City Strut. For band nights, please purchase tickets here.

Intermediate A: Taming Tempos

Find yourself missing out on dancing because the tempos just aren't right for you? Learn the techniques you need to be comfortable at any tempo, especially those famous fast swing songs. This class will also cover new moves that work especially well when the music gets hot.

Intermediate B: Musicality & Movement

Tain't whatcha do, it's the way that you do it! This series explores the connection between swing music and lindy hop, focusing on variation, stylings, and other ways to dance to more than just the beat.

Intermediate C: Frankie's Favourites

Frankie Manning was one of the original lindy hoppers who came out of retirement in the 80s to teach the next generation how to swing  - Lindy Hop today would not be the same without him. This class will focus on Frankie's favourite moves and stylings, as well as tips & techniques to help you dance like the master.

Intermediate D

A new series that will take you on a whirlwind dance history tour! We'll start with Lindy hop's celebrated ancestor, the Charleston: the energetic, upright, bouncy, iconic dance from the 1920s. This will take us through the Break-away, the missing link between Charleston and Lindy hop, and into the Swing dance we know and love. You'll gain a deeper understanding of Lindy hop, as well as greater versatility on the social dance floor, for when those peppy and older-sounding tunes are played.

Upcoming lesson series:

Intermediate C:  November 29 - January 10 (no class December 27)

Intermediate D: January 17 - February 28

Intermediate A: March 7 - April 11

Intermediate B: April 18 - May 23

Intermediate C: May 30 - July 4

At the Ukrainian Hall, 154 East 10th Avenue

Wednesdays, 8:30-9:30

No partner required. 6 weeks of one hour classes. $75.60 in advance / $78 at the door


Date/Time Event
Tuesday, Jan 9 - Tuesday, Feb 13
8:30pm - 9:30pm
Solo Jazz A: The Shim Sham and the fundamentals of Jazz & Movement
EDAM Studio, Vancouver BC
Wednesday, Jan 17 - Wednesday, Feb 28
8:30pm - 9:30pm
Intermediate Lindy Hop D
Ukrainian Hall Mezzanine, Vancouver BC
Tuesday, Feb 20 - Tuesday, Mar 27
8:30pm - 9:30pm
Solo Jazz B: The Tranky Do and the basics of Vintage Jazz
EDAM Studio, Vancouver BC
Wednesday, Mar 7 - Wednesday, Apr 11
8:30pm - 9:30pm
Intermediate Lindy Hop A
Ukrainian Hall Mezzanine, Vancouver BC

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