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Solo Vintage Jazz

 At last! Solo Jazz for Lindy hoppers!

Learn the basic steps of Vintage Jazz dance, the steps and moves you find in authentic routines such as The Shim Sham, The Tranky Do, and The Big Apple. These are great steps to learn and dance for their own sake. And getting a feel for vintage solo jazz can also be the best thing for your Lindy hop: it improves your rhythm, body awareness, body movement, and connection to the music. And many of the steps can easily fit into your partner dancing, as fun and musical variations. 

Join us at EDAM Studio for Solo Jazz! All classes are Tuesdays, 7:20-8:20.

Upcoming lesson series:

Solo Jazz A: Basics, Shim Sham, and Musical Variations - schedule TBA - September 2017

4 weeks of one-hour classes. $52.50 in advance online or $58 at the door. 


Date/Time Event
Wednesday, Jul 19 - Wednesday, Aug 23
8:30pm - 9:30pm
Intermediate Lindy Hop D
Ukrainian Hall Mezzanine, Vancouver BC
Saturday, Aug 26
RCMA 2017 Intermediate Booster
St. Michael’s Hall, Vancouver BC
Wednesday, Sep 6 - Wednesday, Oct 11
8:30pm - 9:30pm
Intermediate Lindy Hop A
Ukrainian Hall Mezzanine, Vancouver BC

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