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What is Swing? / Who is Frankie Manning?

Frankie Manning (1914-2009) was a dancer, choreographer, and teacher. He fell in love with Lindy hop and the music of swingin’ jazz bands at the Savoy and other ballrooms of Harlem, New York in his teens. And the world fell in love with him when keen and ambitious Lindy hop revivalists of the 1980s sought him out for instruction and inspiration.

It is impossible to overstate his importance to and influence on swing dancers of the current era. Teaching, telling stories, performing, and continuing to social dance up until mere months before his death at age 94 (!), Frankie was a continual beam of light, joy, encouragement, and positivity at events around the world. Thousands of dancers can speak of meeting him at events, learning from him, and hearing his tales of dance, music, and “happy feet.”

Rhythm City instructors, helpers, dancers, and students cherish Frankie’s legacy and swing out for him, around the world!Frankie break pose

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