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What is Swing? / Intermediate

The Intermediate track is geared towards dancers with enough class-setting and social dance experience that:

  •     mixing 6-count and 8-count is not a challenge.
  •     mid-tempo to moderately fast-tempo songs are comfortable and exciting to dance to.
  •     when things go a little awry on the social floor, you adapt, keep dancing, and don’t have to stop and restart.
  •     styling variations/recovering from “mistakes” are a part of every dance.
Brittany & Dargoff’s workshops

The Swing Out: Learn a more dynamic and awesome move than any other social dance basic. The lindy hop basic!

I Wanna Be Like Frankie: Whether you know it or not, Frankie Manning is the reason you’re lindy hopping today.  Here you’ll learn some fun Frankie moves and mentality.

Connection: Let’s do some drills and play around with different ways to connect with your partner to make every social dance a great dance.

Dargasmic Charleston: We love Charleston.  Let’s kick like crazy.  You might even learn a move that came from a dream!

Mikaela & Nicolas’ workshops

Communication – The two way conversation – taking the initiative and adapting to your partner whether you’re a “lead” or a “follow”.

Charleston rhythms – Colouring our partner charleston with rhythm variations.

Partnered Jazz Moves – Individual styling and jazz moves into our partner dancing still keeping the flow of the moves.

Musicality – The music is what makes us dance! We’ll listen to the music from several perspectives and make our bodies and music become one!



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