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What is Swing? / Advanced

The Advanced track is geared towards dancers who are avid and experienced Lindy Hoppers with vast and varied social dance experience in multiple scenes in multiple geographic locations. They are comfortable dancing to any tempo music, as well as a variety of styles of Jazz, have at least a little experience in other types of social dance (e.g., Tango, Balboa, Latin dances), are completely unconcerned with what “count” a move is, are keenly in tune to the musicality of their movement and patterns, and recognize that “styling” is what is happening when they enter the social floor and dance.

Britanny & Dargoff’s workshops

BrittGoff Originals: We love lindy hop.  Here we’ll show you some moves we may have invented(but in reality, somebody at the Savoy probably did these decades ago.

Dargasmic Charleston: We love Charleston.  Let’s kick like crazy.  You might even learn a move that came from a dream!

Creativity: Break out of that dance funk or just expand your horizons by forgetting your inhibitions.  In this class, every idea is a good idea.

Tricky Moves: Title says it all. If you’re going to do something tricky, make sure it’s perfect.

Mikaela & Nicolas’ workshops

Rhythm class – This is what it’s all about, we’ll play around with rhythms incorporating them into our dancing.

Moves You Didn’t Know You Knew – Here we’ll use what you already know to create new dynamic moves and patterns.

We go, you go! – Learning like they did back in the days: a lot of copying no talking. Be prepared to hold on, this class will challenge your brain and your body to a maximum!

Communication – The two way conversation – taking the initiative and adapting to your partner whether you’re a “lead” or a “follow”.

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